• Over the recent years, robotics has become a popular tool to stimulate interest in computing for middle and high school students. First year computer science courses at several universities were developed to involve the programming of a robot instead of the traditional software engineering based coursework.

  • In Japan and China, children start to learn Robotics and Electronics from as young as in their 3rd standard. However, the local scenario here is different; even a person at top level might be unaware of the basic terminologies used in robotics. Ultimately, electronics helps us to grow and it affects our work or production capacity. We strongly believe that students will be far more creative, productive and innovative if they are exposed to robotics education from an early age. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to utilise our expertise in robotics and share it with all the school students to ensure that they are well equipped with the best skills to compete in today’s era of IT and technology, on par with students from developed countries.


Company Profile

  • Established since 2010, World of Robotics Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated in providing exposure and education in robotics to students nationwide. Robotics education is the learning of new technology that deals with the design, engineering, construction, operation, and application of robots. In addition to that, robotics is a very innovative, effective and interesting platform to incorporate STEM education in the school. In order to boost robotics learning and ensure that all our school students are getting the best education ahead, we organize FREE Robotics Workshops to the school students. We have already kick-started this great project with some schools in Perak.


  • As an education provider, World of Robotics has taken ICT learning to the next level by introducing robotics lessons into our courses. The programme has received positive feedback from parents and we hope to bring the goodness of robotics to all the students throughout the nation. Given the right opportunity and channel, we believe that we could help our students to achieve standards in robotics like those in developed countries; such as Japan and the USA.


  • As we are offering our programme to students from age 5-18 years old, we hope that our programme will be an eye opener for all parents; that young students can become innovators too. At World of Robotics, we sculpture tomorrow’s engineers, innovators and the embracers of modern technology. We prepare them to be innovative and creative as we equip them with strong problem solving and logical thinking skills. Our programme is far more than just ordinary learning lessons, as we vouch to make a difference and to bring sparkles into a child’s daily learning routine.


  • World of Robotics do organize events, exhibition and competitions with the aim to provide a common ground for our students to exhibit their talents and creativity.


  • We understand that the road to bring this new robotics education to every student in every school is not easy, but we strongly believe that WE CAN!


Our Vision

  • To become an education leader in providing powerful learning platform to enable all school students to be equipped with skills those are essential for their success in the 21st century.


Our Mission

  • To develop and strengthen essential skills in students to ensure their success in further studies and future careers; these skills include:
  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Creative thinking skills
  3. Interpersonal communication skills
  4. Collaborative teamwork skills


Competition Platform

  • All our World of Robotics students are eligible to join our annual World of Robotics National Championship – (WRC) which is a collaboration platform with Minister of Education Malaysia.


Grading System

  • To ensure student’s standard of learning. We categorize the level of grading by providing exam platforms for our students.
  • Below is a sample of grading certification which will be awarded to our students on different level.